23 Jul – 8 Aug 2021 TOKYO2020 Olympics and Paralympics Games CASA ITALIA

Edra Official Supplier Casa Italia – MIRABILIA


“On the occasion of the Olympics and Paralympics Games in Tokyo, the partnership between Edra and Casa Italia is renewed. Even for this edition, Edra provides the furnishings for “The Kihinkan – Takanawa Manor House”, home of the Italian athletes in Japan.

The Casa Italia project for the Tokyo Olympic Games, entitled Mirabilia, refers to the famous rooms of wonders, in which collectors brought together pieces of art (artificialia) and natural objects (naturalia), keeping them together without any classification, but simply calling them mirabilia: wonderful things. At Casa Italia the feeling of the human being comes into play in its relationship with nature, and the magic elements of everyday life.

The architecture of Takanawa Manor House, typical of the late 19th century European houses, is spread over two floors: on the ground floor, Rose Chair and Getsuen armchairs welcome the guests celebrating the Japanese art of ikebana, flowers and their wonder.

Created by the Japanese designer Masanori Umeda, more than 30 years ago, the red velvet roses and lilies are a tribute to the land of the Rising Sun: an honour for Edra to celebrate the delicacy and refinement of the Japanese culture and to welcome the guests of Casa Italia in a wonderful flowery room. Mirrors are the leitmotiv of the ground floor where, in the play of reflections, Boa sofa with Rose Chair and Getsuen and Essential sofas in the billiard lroom, invite you to relax and meet.”

“I imagine our athletes at the end of the day. We are honoured of offering them maximum comfort and seats that can be the place to share their challenges and achievements” – Monica Mazzei vice-president of Edra

“Upstairs in the restaurant of the Takanawa Manor House, the Gina chairs in special colours that recalls nature and the Gilda B. in the blue version dedicated to the Italian team, light up the tables of Casa Italia with their transparent and iridescent texture. “Casa Italia, curated by Diego Nepi Molineris, with Claudia Pignatale, Beatrice Bertini and Benedetta Acciari, represents one of the most exciting chapters in the history of Edra with sport. Our products are in total harmony with the concepts of Casa Italia.” – Monica Mazzei vice-president of Edra

“Edra is a Tuscan company of sofas and furnishing accessories, founded in 1987 by Valerio and Monica Mazzei, has collaborated with Casa Italia since the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, followed by the Olympic Games in Korea in 2018. A partnership that allows Edra to share with Casa Italia hospitality projects dedicated to beauty and extraordinary comfort.”

“We recognize in sport the strong values that have animated our company for over thirty years. Passion first of all, but also the daily discipline in doing our work and the ability to dare. For this reason, this year too Edra is witness, with its collection, of the excellence that comes from the desire to go further and further, in a healthy global competition.” – Monica Mazzei vice-president of Edra”